Todd Johnson

During the day, Todd teaches US and World History in a small town in northern Illinois. As a Cubs fan, his first baseball memories are of Ernie, Billy, and Fergie. Baseball cards, Strat-O-Matic, and fantasy baseball eventually followed. The summer of 2017 will find him spending most of his days watching the South Bend Cubs throughout the Midwest and Great Lakes. You can always find him on Twitter: @cubscentral08

Cubs Organizational Breakdown, Pt 8 – Left-Handed Starters in Short Supply…for Now

When it comes to left-handed starters in the organization, the Cubs aren’t exactly well-stocked. That could soon be changing, though. AA and AAA are pretty much a wash, but there are several young left-handed starters in the lowest part of the minors, three of whom will likely be making their stateside …

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Cubs Organizational Breakdown, Pt 7B: There Could Be at Least One Ace Among Top Five Right-Handed Starters

As it stands right now, the Cubs don’t have a number one, ace-type starter in the system. A lot can change over the next year, though, and it’s possible they could develop three such pitchers in relatively short order. A lot of that is going to depend on health an continued …

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