Todd Johnson

During the day, Todd teaches US and World History in a small town in northern Illinois. As a Cubs fan, his first baseball memories are of Ernie, Billy, and Fergie. Baseball cards, Strat-O-Matic, and fantasy baseball eventually followed. The summer of 2017 will find him spending most of his days watching the South Bend Cubs throughout the Midwest and Great Lakes. You can always find him on Twitter: @cubscentral08

BP’s List of Top Cubs Prospects Pretty Routine for a Change (Video)

I used to think that Baseball Prospectus intentionally put a little shock value into their top prospect lists for the Cubs system. In 2015, they placed Addison Russell over Kris Bryant at the top. I understand that Russell has MVP-type qualities, but there’s no way they should’ve selected him over …

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Baseball America’s Top 10 Cubs Prospect List Signals a Changing of the Guard

The key word to describe Baseball America’s top 10 Cubs Prospect List and accompanying articles would be “ascension.” It is a crisp catalog filled with young players on their way up. Most of the list is pretty obvious and a majority of the names are as you probably could have guessed. …

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Draft Profile # 2: Tall Tales of a Pair of High-Upside High School Arms

The Cubs moved up to the 27th and 31st picks in the draft after Edwin Encarnacion signed with the Indians last week. Their third selection will come at the end of the second round, which is after the competitive balance picks. There will be plenty of pitchers in that range, but …

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Cubs Organizational Breakdown, Pt 4: Where Have All the Shortstops Gone?

It wasn’t that long ago that the Cubs seemingly had all the shortstop prospects. Those days are gone. Once Gleyber Torres was traded, the shortstop position in the Cubs’ system lost its luster. That’s not to say the Cubs don’t have players playing shortstop, they do. It’s just that the …

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