Brendan Miller

Brendan Miller is a writer for Cubs Insider and co-host of the Cubs Related Podcast. Contact rates, pitch type peripherals, and neuroscience are a few of his interests.

Cubs Quick Hits: Jason Heyward’s Considerable Improvement in Launch Angle

“Jason Heyward…weak grounder to second…throw to first and out,” was uttered way too many times throughout the defensive star’s first year in blue pinstripes. His frequent ground balls in 2016 are succinctly visualized in the launch angle map below, which shows Heyward’s 2016 results. The broad gray and red areas …

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Jake Arrieta’s Location Has Shifted Dramatically as He Adopts New Strategy to Attack Hitters

Jake Arrieta is throwing slower this year, but velocity isn’t the only facet of his pitch repertoire that’s changed. The former Cy Young winner is working an unfamiliar portion of the strike zone, much to the discontent of teams that now have to throw away their past scouting reports. Watching the ace paint the …

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