Pirates Land No. 1 Pick in First MLB Draft Lottery, Cubs at 13

MLB held its first-ever draft lottery Tuesday night from the Winter Meetings in San Diego and the results were less than great for Cubs fans. The Cubs went in with just a 1.1% chance of landing the top pick, but they fell well outside of the top six selections up for grabs when their name was called at No. 13. That’s one spot worse than their order, so it’s not terrible.

The worst part may be that the Pirates ended up making good on another awful season by landing the top pick over the Nationals and A’s, who were tied with Pittsburgh for the best odds at No. 1. Below is the official draft order via MLB.com, with each team’s reverse rank listed in parentheses.

1. Pirates (T-1)
2. Nationals (T-1)
3. Tigers (6)
4. Rangers (7)
5. Twins (13)
6. A’s (T-1)
7. Reds (4)
8. Royals (5)
9. Rockies (8)
10. Marlins (9)
11. Angels (10)
12. D-backs (11)
13. Cubs (12)
14. Red Sox (14)
15. White Sox (15)
16. Giants (16)
17. Orioles (17)
18. Brewers (18)

Now it’s a matter of ensuring the lottery is a thing of the past for a long time to come, because being part of this event again in the near future would be an indictment of the front office.

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