Reports: Cubs, Mets Discussing Willson Contreras, David Robertson Trade That Would Not Include Top 2 NY Prospects

According to a report from Pat Ragazzo of Inside the Mets, there have been talks between the Cubs and Mets that would send Willson Contreras and David Robertson to New York in exchange for “multiple top prospects.” However, the package would not include the Mets’ top two prospects, catcher Francisco Álvarez or third baseman Brett Baty, both of whom are considered off-limits in any talks.

This would seem to indicate the Cubs could land two or more members of the Mets’ top 10, from which shortstop Ronny Mauricio (3) and Mark Vientos (5) have come up in previous reports. It’s doubtful catcher Kevin Parada, the No. 11 overall pick in the draft and a projected Cubs target, would be available, though that would be quite a coup for the front office.

Ed note: Any deal for a recent draft pick would have to happen as a player to be named later because those players can’t be traded until after the conclusion of the season.

A deal is not believed to be close, though Ragazzo says the Mets are “committed” to acquiring Contreras and the two sides are apparently in open communication. This all tracks with what we’ve either known or assumed for a while now, plus it makes sense that the Cubs would want to package relievers with their bigger stars to improve the return.

While Contreras obviously has value all on his own, there have been reports that other teams question his ability to mesh with a new pitching staff. The Cubs have also been using him frequently as the DH, including in what was likely his last home game at Wrigley on Tuesday, which could decrease his value to an extent. Then you figure the Mets might still have their tail between their legs after last year’s trade that saw the Cubs land their soon-to-be No. 1 prospect in Pete Crow-Armstrong.

There was also a report from Jeff Passan about the Cubs wanting to package either Robertson or Mychal Givens with Contreras and/or Ian Happ, so everything seems to point to this Mets talk being legit. We may find out just how legit here in the next few days.

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