Watch: Willson Contreras Talks About Being an All-Star, Cubs Promote #VoteWilly Campaign

Willson Contreras plays with emotion and that’s just one thing that makes him so beloved by Cubs fans. It’s hard not to cheer for him when he steps to the plate. But when you start to truly understand the person he is, how important family is to him, and what it means to him to be playing in MLB with his brother, William Contreras, it’s very easy to see that he is the exact type of player any team could build a championship-caliber team around.

And yes, that statement is strong but it’s also very true. For the first six years of his MLB career, Contreras was overshadowed in the clubhouse and on the field by superstar veteran players. It’s only really been this season that we’ve seen him as a true clubhouse leader, as the voice of a team, for the very first time. And what I see in Contreras is a player that can be part of a very special core, the best catcher in baseball, and a lock to be an All-Star.

There is no question that the Cubs are in full-on tank mode. Let’s just hope they do the right thing and extend Contreras so we can continue to watch him for years to come. Because, if anything, the Cubs owe it to us, the fans, and to Contreras.

Oh yeah, and be sure to #VoteWilly. Right, Cubs?

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