Cubs Have Had ‘Internal Conversations’ About Anthony Rizzo Reunion

Yes, This is Pretty Much a Repeat

In what amounts to little more than a redux of Saturday’s news from Bruce Levine that the Cubs offering Anthony Rizzo a contract was “not outside the realm” Levine reiterated Monday that the club has had “internal conversations” about the possibility. It’s really just a matter of the radio host saying it on his show and then writing about it for 670 The Score at a later point, though that’s not stopping me from confirming it and covering it twice.

Cue the cries of “Clickbait!” from the angry Facebook mob.

Even I am not self-important enough to believe everyone reads everything I write, though, so it’s entirely possible this is the first some of you are hearing about it. Well, those of you who haven’t already perused Bleacher Nation or any number of other Cubs blogs that have likewise taken a whack at this dying horse.

Speaking of which, Rizzo isn’t nearly as close to the glue factory as a lot of folks seem to believe. I’ve got my doubts about his ability to rebound to pre-2020 form for more than stretches here and there, but the universal DH offers a chance to take a few sips from the fountain of youth. The Cubs need lefty power and positive PR, both of which Rizzo offers.

To that end, I have heard from multiple sources that the Cubs have indeed discussed the possibility of a return both internally and with Rizzo’s camp. Though things didn’t come to an ideal close, some structural changes and the passage of time may have taken the edge off of some raw emotion involved with fruitless extension talks and a trade.

Between his history with the team and his charitable work in the Chicago community, Rizzo’s value to the Cubs would be greater than just what goes on the back of his baseball card. He might likewise see more upside to joining the Cubs than with a different kind of reunion with Miami, which would be a draw as his hometown team. The Yankees could also be in play for a return engagement, though they are also rumored to be after Freddie Freeman.

This will all come down to how much Rizzo’s market has really fallen from what could have been a nine-figure extension prior to the pandemic season and whether he believes he’s only got time for one last run. If a team is willing to spend $60 million or more, that might cinch it. Or if all the offers are falling in the 2-3 year range, Rizzo might opt for the one he thinks gives him the best shot at another title.

The Cubs probably aren’t at the top of the list in either of those scenarios, but they could be if it’s a high-AAV deal for one year with an option or two years with a limited no-trade clause or something like that. Even though I haven’t been all that high on Rizzo over the last two seasons and I’m skeptical of his balky back, I do believe he and the Cubs are a good fit on a number of levels.

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