Watch: Burl Carraway, Adbert Alzolay Join Pitcher Deadlift Craze as Labrum Fearmongering Intensifies

Folks, this deadlift craze just keeps gaining steam across the entire Cubs organization, with pitchers picking up and putting down heavy weights. Add in a very explicit Russian hip-hop song with a catchy beat and you could get soccer moms to join in.

There’s a bit of a negative undercurrent running through the replies to each of these exploits, though, with would-be trainers and coaches clutching their pearls in misplaced concern for labrums. It’s almost like every Random Man on Twitter knows more about this stuff than professional athletes under supervision.

More on that in just a bit, but let’s first take in 184-pound reliever Burl Carraway lifting 515 pounds. Like Max Bain, Carraway is cheating a little with the hex bar. The shorter pitcher gets extra credit, however, for his flow and for not needing blocks.

Not to be outdone by all the fully-clothed youngsters, a shirtless Adbert Alzolay joined the fun with his own lift. Apparently no one wants to use a straight bar any more.

That’s probably by design, though, as Bain pointed out to us during an appearance on The Rant Live and then later on Twitter. Rather than simply trying to get strong, the deadlift helps pitchers improve their ground force production. The lift is always performed out of the hip hinge, but using a hex/trap bar takes pressure off the lower back and saves the shins at the same time.

This exchange from Tuesday night ended up earning Bain a new fan and it’s a reason you should be following him if you aren’t already. I’d probably have been much more snarky about it.

Seeing all these videos made me want to get over to the gym and throw some weight around, but then my knees complained loudly when I dared sit up out of my chair. Speaking of complaining, it’s probably best to keep injury predictions to yourself when watching a pitcher throw or lift.

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