Marcus Stroman Announces Cubs Deal on Twitter

Well, it looks like Marcus Stroman will be joining the Cubs. As for the timing and getting his physical done ahead of the midnight CBA deadline, Bruce Levine reported that Stroman already took care of that matter earlier in the day.

This is a huge move for the Cubs and probably signals another move or two in order to shore up a roster that still has several holes. Stroman will bring an edge to the team, but he’s also a contact pitcher in the same vein as several other starters and will need to have a better defense behind him in order to be at his best. The Cubs also need to supplement the rotation with a power pitcher who can miss bats.

Details of the contract were not immediately available, but Stroman was expected to command as much as $125 million over 5-6 years. I will freely admit that I was wrong in saying the Cubs would not meet his asking price, though I still need to see them make some other moves to really make this thing pop.

More to come.

Ed. note: Looks like I don’t have to admit to being wrong after all, since Stroman’s $71 million guarantee is around $40 million less than expected. 

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