Jed Hoyer ‘Very Confident’ Cubs Can Get Deal Done With Anthony Rizzo

Despite the dark cloud created by the news that the Cubs had effectively low-balled Anthony Rizzo with extension offers, Jed Hoyer still believes he can make it rain. The president of baseball operations met with members of the media at Wrigley Field to discuss the upcoming season, which naturally meant fielding plenty of questions about Rizzo.

“I respect his decision to put a deadline on it,” Hoyer said. “That’s his decision. And one I respect completely. But our door is open.

“I am optimistic we’ll end up reaching an agreement.”

He went on to advise caution against taking just one data point into account when discussing the situation, saying there have been “dozens” of conversations. So while Rizzo told reporters on Monday that he’d instructed his agents to cease talks, you have to imagine the two sides could easily pick the ball back up in short order. And hey, maybe those talks aren’t as dead as Rizzo made it seem.

“I know more about the negotiation than what’s out there,” Hoyer explained.

Pardon my French, but no shit. I mean, if the man responsible for the negotiations doesn’t know more about them than the rest of us idiots on Twitter, there’s a big problem. Now let’s just hope they can get something done soon.

Ed. note: If you think this is all just exec-speak, consider the way Hoyer addressed conversations with reps for Javy Báez and Kris Bryant. The description of those talks was very minimal and not imbued with anything approaching the optimism expressed above.

“I’ve been in contact with both agents and had dialogue during the course of the spring,” Hoyer said. “Beyond that, I won’t comment.”

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