Cubs Have Accounted for 41% of NL Central’s Offseason Spending So Far

They may look like skinflints compared to other big markets, but the Cubs are drunken sailors on shore leave compared to their division rivals. The NL Central lags well behind any other division in baseball at this point in the offseason, spending a mere $3.7 million in total on free agents. That’s only 4.5% of the next-cheapest division, the AL West, which has spent $83 million.

The Cardinals and Pirates are among five teams with no new deals; Cleveland is listed as well, but they agreed to a $5 million contract with Cesar Hernandez yesterday that alone is more than the NL Central has spent.

That means the Cubs, who have only a $1.5 million deal with backup catcher Austin Romine on the books this winter, currently account for 41% of their division’s spending. What an embarrassment that is for the NL Central and MLB in general.

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