Kris Bryant on Criticism: ‘I Don’t Give a Sh—‘

Kris Bryant is a damn good baseball player and he’s caught way too much crap from Cubs fans who are upset he’s not Mike Trout. The 2016 MVP has produced excellent results while playing through injuries, but expectations and a refusal to compare anecdotal memory to actual stats often leads to criticism.

So when Bryant left a game after experiencing right oblique tightness, more foolishness about him being “soft” ensued. The best way to quiet haters is to stick it to them, which Bryant did with a grand slam Saturday night. The Cubs weren’t able to make the blast stand, but it was clear the third baseman was feeling himself after the game.

“I don’t give a shit,” Bryant told reporters after the game. “I really don’t. That’s a good answer. I’m over it. Sometimes I go out there and go 4-for-4 and it’s not good enough for some people so I don’t give a shit.”

Whoa, I hope Kyler wasn’t up late enough to hear this.

I’m glad I was up, though, because this is exactly the edge we need to see from KB. Just setting the ignorance aside would be one thing, but using it as fuel is then best. If Bryant is able to get right and lock in for the postseason, it’ll make the Cubs a much better team and shut a lot of people up.


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