Marquee Will Air Wednesday’s Intrasquad Game at 12:30p CT (Plus Note for DISH Subscribers)

Marquee Sports Network continues to make positive strides as the season approaches, both by airing its second Cubs scrimmage and using the proper word to announce it. I’ve been calling them out for calling these contests “intersquad” scrimmages, so the correction does my petty little heart some good.

The much bigger and far more legitimate gripe among fans is that the channel can’t be consumed by Comcast subscribers. We’ve heard for several months now that a deal was close and would likely be consummated by Opening Day, but here we are just a little over a week away and still nothing. Perhaps John Fogerty was right when he said someday never comes.

Even if I was self-important enough to believe people actually read what I wrote, the replies to yesterday’s post about the broadcast of Tuesday’s scrimmage told me otherwise. People continue to ask about DISH Network getting Marquee, which is something that’s never been on the table in a meaningful way. Despite some possible indications otherwise, there hasn’t been any momentum toward the carrier’s reversal on its anti-sports stance.

I don’t want to say never, but if you’re a DISH subscriber who really wants to get Marquee this season — and maybe ever — you would be wise to change providers in the next few days. DISH is actually more profitable and has experienced subscriber growth after a big exodus in the wake of its divorce from most RSNs a while back. Changing tack now just isn’t in the cards.

Those of you who reside outside the broadcast territory and were hoping to catch the scrimmages on may be out of luck as well. While several other teams’ broadcasts are available on the streaming service, the Cubs do not appear to be at this point. That should change soon, especially when the scrimmages actually are intersquad affairs with the White Sox and Twins.

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