Mayor Lori Lightfoot Believes Cubs, White Sox Could Play Empty Home Games in Chicago This Summer

While we’re unlikely to see any large gatherings in the city anytime soon, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot said Monday that she can envision baseball returning this summer. The environment would have to be carefully controlled and it would need to fit within MLB’s comprehensive plan to restart, of course, but it’s possible. With one big caveat.

“We’re obviously a ways away from [playing games at Wrigley and Guaranteed Rate Fields] because we haven’t seen the level of cases decline on a consistent basis. We’re still seeing them rise,” Lightfoot told media members. “But can I envision a world where baseball might return to Chicago this summer? Yes. Is it likely to be without fans? Probably.”

These comments came as other states and cities are beginning to enact their own reopening plans, whether due to the economic impact or the reality that warmer weather will bring people out of their homes. Mayor Lightfoot acknowledged that she and others remain actively engaged to ensure they’re making the best possible decisions for the people and city.

That may mean the White Sox season ticket holder won’t be able to attend a game on the South Side this season, but she did say she and other officials “will make adjustments where necessary.” Not that they’ll have any say in whether and where games are eventually played, since those decisions will be made at the league level.

In the meantime, it’s all about keeping Chicago safe so that baseball and other events can eventually return, ideally with fans in attendance before too long.

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