Quick Note for DirecTV Subscribers: Marquee Expected to Appear on Guide Prior to Launch

Update: For those who are still struggling to get access to Marquee despite being in the Cubs’ market and having the right package with DirecTV, the most successful solution appears to be a system refresh. You can perform that without assistance from their customer service by logging in online or on the DirecTV app. There should be an option in settings for you to refresh the software, which many have said fixed the issue.

As of post time, thousands of Cubs fans across the Midwest are wondering whether and when their DirecTV guide will display Marquee Sports Network on channel 664. Same goes for their ability to authenticate on the Marquee mobile app via their provider, since DirecTV isn’t an option there yet. It doesn’t help that the guide for AT&T Uverse, a sister company, is already showing Marquee.

Fear not, fellow DirecTV subscribers, for it appears as though your worries will soon be allayed. According to a customer service rep, the channel will be available prior to launch. Even better, you won’t have to reset your receiver in order for it to show up. Or so they say.

The one caveat to this is that you do have to subscribe to at least the Choice package in order to have access to Marquee. That means those who are on the Select or Entertainment packages will not have Marquee at any point. Based on the prices listed on their website, it’s an extra $29 monthly to move from Select to Choice and an extra $17 to move up from Entertainment.

In my personal experience, you should be able to make the change and have almost instant access to the additional channels as a part of your upgrade, though a receiver reset may be in order. I’ve included a screenshot of my chat below in the event that I left out any pertinent details, but things should be good by this afternoon.

Update: While many DirecTV customers are watching Marquee with no problem, others are reporting issues with their coverage. Some of that may be a matter of location, but it appears as though there’s been some confusion on the carrier’s end when it comes to older channel packages.

As noted above, Marquee is available on Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, and Premier subscriptions, but some customers may be on grandfathered tiers. There’s also the matter of those customers who are on the Select or Entertainment levels with a sports package. Based on feedback I’ve gotten to this point, the carrier is saying that the omission of Marquee is a technical issue that should be corrected somewhat soon.

Exactly what that means isn’t certain, with estimates ranging from Saturday evening to 3-5 days. That’s in keeping with the ability to authenticate through DirecTV in order to watch live content via the Marquee app, which is not yet available. The Cubs’ press release on Friday indicated that it’d all be set shortly after launch, so could be any day now.

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