Josh Donaldson’s Deal Continues Strong Free Agency, Clarifies Trade Market

The Twins have signed third baseman Josh Donaldson to a four-year, $92 million contract to remove one of the last remaining hurdles to the Cubs establishing Kris Bryant’s actual trade value. If, that is, they really want to move him. Numerous teams had been in pursuit of Donaldson and are in need of a third baseman, so the trade market now becomes a primary option.

The signing also continues a free agency period that has been more robust than in recent years. With most top players now signed, the average free agent deal has exceeded crowdsourced predictions by nearly $8 million in total and $650,000 in average annual value. While there are still unresolved labor issues in baseball, ownership has likely bought a lot of goodwill with the players’ union this offseason.

Whether that will prevent a work stoppage in 2022 is obviously very much up in the air, but this is a positive sign for fans even if it’s temporary.

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