Report: David Ross Expected to Be Named Cubs Manager This Week, Deal ‘Almost Done’

Update: Per David Kaplan, the Cubs have made their decision and the other candidates have been informed. Expect David Ross to be officially announced as the next Cubs manager on Thursday.

The talk around who’d be named the next Cubs manager shifted a little when it was learned that Joe Espada had been called back for a second interview, but then we found out David Ross also had a second sit-down. ESPN’s Jesse Rogers told people not to be surprised if Ross was announced on Thursday, and now there’s an even stronger report from NBC Sports Chicago’s David Kaplan.

“Highly placed source has confirmed to me David Ross is expected to be named Cubs manager this week,” Kap tweeted. “His agent has been discussing contractual terms with Theo Epstein. Deal is almost done.”

MLB has previously put a blackout on big announcements during the World Series, but they’re being more lenient with that when it comes to off days. Hey, maybe the same will apply to their territorial map for game broadcasts. On second thought, that would require Rob Manfred to a) actually like baseball, and b) remove his head from his ass.

I hope you didn’t take my advice to bet on Espada after Monday came and went with no news, because now I’m advising you to put it all on Ross. Book it.

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