Young Fan Struck by Almora Foul Suffered Fractured Skull, Brain Contusion

The young girl struck by an Albert Almora Jr. foul ball during the Cubs’ game in Houston back on May 29 suffered a fractured skull, subdural bleeding, brain contusions and brain edema. This information came via Richard Mithoff, the family’s attorney, who issued a statement Wednesday afternoon.

“The family’s foremost concern is about the health of their child, but they also wanted me to extend their thanks to the fans and the Astros for their concern,” the statement read in part.

The fan has also dealt with seizures as a result of her injuries and has been on medication to prevent them in the future, the attorney’s office shared. The incident drew national attention and reinvigorated calls for extended the existing safety netting, something the White Sox and other teams have proactively chosen to do.

All of us at Cubs Insider want to offer up our hope for a continued recovery for the little girl and to a future in which posts like this are not necessary.

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