Kyle Schwarber Informed Bullpen of New Member by Imitating Craig Kimbrel’s Arm Dangle

Even more than the scraggly beard he’s cultivated, Craig Kimbrel is best known for a unique pre-pitch stance in which he leans forward with his right arm out and his hand dangling. It’s impossible to mistake him for anyone else out there on the mound and it’s a look many have taken to mimicking, either in flattery or mocking.

Image via the interwebs, feel free to take credit.

When Kyle Schwarber heard the news of Kimbrel’s signing early in Wednesday’s game, he decided to have a little fun with the left field bleacher crowd. Fans were already buzzing about it, so Schwarber dropped down into the funky stance to warm up with bullpen catcher Chad Noble. And that’s how the relievers out in the ‘pen learned they’d gotten a new teammate.

The Kimbrel signing has already impacted the Cubs, even the position players. David Bote was so jacked about the news, he went out and walloped a three-run homer to put the Cubs on the board. Then he followed it up with four more runs driven in.

“I was like, ‘Sick!'” Bote joked after the game. “That’s awesome. I’m super excited.”

I’m guessing he’s really just happy to have someone with whom to swap beard-grooming tips.

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