Galloway Robbery: Kris Bryant Can’t Buy a Big Hit Despite Solid Contact

Last week it was Melky Cabrera. Tuesday night it was Isaac Galloway‘s turn to rob Kris Bryant of a big hit to the opposite field. Bryant’s been in a bit of a funk so far this season as he has fallen out of his typical finely-tuned mechanics to lunge at pitches that he ends up swinging through. He’s working on a physical fix, but some of it might be mental.

Even as intimately familiar as baseball players are with failure, it can be a real bear to do everything right — or hit everything right — and still come up short. Like having the Melk Man snowcone a freaking laser beam after a long run or seeing Galloway track down a ball hit 381 feet at 101 mph off the bat.

Trouble is, the right-center power alley at Marlins Park is 24 feet deeper than at Wrigley. Bryant hits that ball at home, which is something he’s been waiting to do for a while now, and someone’s catching it in a Solo cup of Zombie Dust. Instead, it was just a loud out. But do you realize just how improbable that is?

Image via Baseball Savant

According to Baseball Savant, hitting a ball that hard with a 26 degree launch angle should result in a .700 batting average. That’s literally the opposite of the old adage about how even the player who fails seven times out of 10 is a Hall of Famer. Of the 12 batted balls in the game with higher xBA (expected batting average), 10 fell for hits. The remaining two died in Albert Almora Jr.’s glove.

Bryant was 0-for-5 with a strikeout in this one, but it didn’t feel quite as bad as some of the previous games in which he’s looked lost at the plate. He’s working to improve his hand path and bring his bat through the zone at a better vertical angle through the zone, so it’s only a matter of time before things start turning around.


Evan Altman

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  1. So yesterday it was “He’s gonna have it fixed now after working with his dad”…to…”well it really isn’t physical…its mental”. Can’t wait to see what tomorrows excuse will be for another 0 fer or 1 hit game. Guys keep saying Bryant will get “back to form”…but what is that? You have to go back THREE YEARS to the time he hit at anything resembling an elite level. His 2017 numbers were 28 homers and 73 rbis. Big whoop. That’s basically “just a guy” and waaay down the list of power hitters. Bryants greatness is a myth…on the level of Bigfoot.

    1. Yep Bryant is one of many of these cub Hitters that have failed. It’s crazy all the hype and there is not a single 300 hitter in the lineup. all these guys are constantly swinging for the fences. what a joke it is Embarrassing and All we keep Hearing is excuses. And Rizzo my god so inconsistent. has so many pro longed slumps every freaking year, that’s why he’s only a .270 hitter. They always talk about him like he bats .300 and so consistent because he’s a 30HR 100 RBI guy. but Wowww he disappears for so much of the season. And lastly maddon is so freaking clueless. Bryant and Rizzo have never ever ever been hot at the same time. but yet he keeps putting them in the lineup together back to back. split them up maybe Rizzo second Baez third Contreras 4th Bryant fifth. try something else you bumbling doofus.

        1. *His* “shift key”? What about shaking the kool aid crumbs from under your “r” key? When it doesn’t register (as for when the word “cont_act” was formed) it makes a would be reasonable headline turn into an absolutely ridiculous one. One might look at the headline and think you are mistaking a high school depth fly ball with what one might expect from an “elite” MLB “power hitter”. How embarrassing!

          1. So a ball with an expected .700 BA that is a homer in most parks is “high school depth”? Bruh.

      1. “there is not a single 300 hitter in the lineup”
        Are you referring to lifetime batting averages? Because as of today the following Cubs have batting averages over 300 for the season: Descalso, Baez, Contreras, and Heyward
        Also, Bote and Zobrist are batting over 290.

    2. Buddy, this ain’t it. A month of production isn’t the measure of a season, let alone a week or a day. I’ve made an appointment with you at a specialty GI surgeon to have a glass belly installed.

    3. The NL Pitchers have adjusted to him, but he’ll just stick with what Daddy says instead of countering with his own adjustments. Pretty pathetic when you can’t hit an 85 MPH fastball thrown right down Main Street.

      If it isn’t too late already, the smart move would be to move him for a package of legit pitching prospects to rejuvenate the farm system. Maybe they can get lucky and fleece someone like the White Sox fleeced them in the Cease and Jiminez for Quintana debacle.

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