Chicago Cubs Score and Recap (03/25/19): Cubs 3, Red Sox 2 – Chicago Out-Homers Boston

With only one more no-consequence game left, this was as close to a regular season game as you’re going to get. Lineups on both sides were stacked, including Ben Zobrist leading off against a righty.

Cole Hamels took the mound, throwing better than he has in his most recent outings, giving up only one home run to Andrew Benintendi in the 3rd. Hamels also kicked off the Cubs offense in the 3rd with a solo home run, which was followed by a heads-up baserunning play by Kris Bryant as the outfield struggled to catch an Anthony Rizzo pop-up.

The Cubs bullpen was able to keep the momentum going, allowing only one run in the back four innings. The infield caught Boston in a double play with bases loaded to escape a dangerous 7th inning. David Bote came in as a pinch hitter and pounded a solo homer later in the inning to pull Chicago back into the lead with the eventual final score of 3-2. (Box score)

Why the Cubs Won

Chicago came out to win tonight and Hamels set the tone with a much more polished outing. The Cubs offense wasn’t able to string together runs, but their big hitting was enough to keep them ahead in a fairly even matchup.

Key Moment

Bote came to the plate as a pinch hitter and hammered a solo homer to deep center to score the game-winning run.

Stats That Matter

  • Hamels needed only 64 pitches to go 5 innings, giving up only one run on three hits, notching two strikeouts and going 1-for-2 with the homer.
  • Willson Contreras went 2-for-2 with a walk.
  • Pedro Strop threw eight strikes in nine pitches to close down the 6th inning.

Bottom Line

Chicago’s outfield was stronger than Boston’s. With both teams bringing it at the plate, the Cubs were able to tie up more loose ends and keep the score low.

On Deck

The Cubs go for the sweep against the Red Sox tomorrow at 2:05pm CT at Sloan Park for the last spring training game before Thursday’s Opening Day.


Sam Watkins

Sam Watkins lives in Des Moines, Iowa and grew up regularly attending Iowa Cubs games. She is all too familiar with the bittersweet feeling of watching a AAA star get whisked up to the major league. Her favorite pastimes include reading, running, and watching the San Diego Chicken wreak havoc.

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  1. Are we 100% sure KB’s shoulder isn’t bothering him? He had a .717 OPS after sliding into first and hurting his shoulder last year, his OPS this spring is .722, We deemed he was back after a 2-for-2 game with a HR in the first ST game, but he’s gone 6-for-38.158 with 1 HR and 1 2B since.

    1. It’s spring training. None of these stats matter. If the guys ops was 2.000, o would care less. You get no clue how a player will actually play in the regular season weather good or bad from spring training games.

      1. ST numbers don’t matter, but when a guy who wasn’t driving the ball last year and isn’t again its an issue. Happ sucked at the end of last year and sucked again in spring and got sent to the minors, so its a legit question fans need to be asking until KB proves otherwise.

        They could say he did everything he needed and felt great, but that goes out the window when its time to grind every day.

        1. There could be a million reasons why his stats are what they are this spring. Again , none of that matters. Thursday he could open the seasons with two home runs. Springs stats , again mean nothing. They don’t mean that your hurt or not hurt. Your assuming because your upset he didn’t put up numbers so you can feel secure before tge season starts. To bad. Spring stats don’t prove he’s hurt at all.

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