Despite Promising Numbers, Chatwood Flunks Eye Test

I have returned from Arizona, where I attended two spring training games and got to feel like a 7-year-old again when I got Ryne Sandberg’s autograph. It was a wonderful trip.

One thing that was not so wonderful, however, was Tyler Chatwood’s three-inning performance on March 6. The stat line was impressive: No runs, three hits, a strikeout, and no walks. But the eye test told an entirely different story. For example, Chatwood needed three fresh balls to make it through his 8th-inning warmups. I repeat…warmups.

I have never seen a major leaguer spike that many balls mid-inning. Chatwood was also behind virtually every hitter over the last two innings of his appearance. He only escaped without damage because he was facing prospects that were a little overzealous as they tried to make names for themselves. Against more seasoned hitters, Chatwood would have been carved up.

I wish I could deliver better news, but I would not put too much stock in Chatwood’s improved stat lines just yet.


Moshe Wilensky

Moshe is a weekly columnist, and self-styled financial reporter, for Cubs Insider. Moshe is a Chicago native who first fell for the Cubs in 1984 at age 7. He currently resides in Charlotte, NC where he gleefully watched the Cubs’ 2016 run, interrupted only by the birth of his first daughter on Thursday AC 0000108. He can be reached at

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    1. Expecting that he has options remaining, that may be exactly what happens. It may be a crime to use a roster spot on him. Joe would only pitch him in games they were already down by 8 or more runs.

  1. This just feels like a Edwin Jackson situation. (who ironically pitched well for the A’s last year). Only a miracle prevents a end-of-spring training release, and eat the money.

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