Heyman: Cubs ‘More Likely’ to Land Bryce Harper Than Dodgers

Players will report to Spring Training in seven-ish weeks, but the Bryce Harper saga seems like it hasn’t hit full gear yet. There have been conflicting reports as to the Cubs’ interest, but Jon Heyman believes they are more likely to look at Harper than the back-to-back World Series losing Los Angeles Dodgers.

In order to land Harper, Heyman thinks the budget-conscious Cubs will absolutely have to pull off a salary-clearing trade. Of course, that means moving someone like Jason Heyward.

It’s important to note that Heyman isn’t reporting sourced information, but rather expressing his opinion. At the very least, what this suggests is that Harper’s market has still yet to fully develop or Scott Boras simply hasn’t disclosed much information to the media. And when you combine this with recent reports noting that the Cubs asked Boras to wait and check in with them before agreeing to a contract elsewhere, it sounds like Harper is not close to signing at the moment.


Brendan Miller

Brendan Miller is part of the Cubs Related Podcast duo with Corey Freedman. Brendan, who has twice as many Twitter followers as Corey, often writes about baseball analytics and scouting for Cubs Insider.

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  1. How many WS rings does Harper have? He is just one player. I would prefer Machado if the Cubs are going to break their bank. He can not only hit, but he is a gold glover at third base.(trade Bryant for an ace pitcher? Nope, Bryant has to be here for Harper to want to come to the Cubs, right?) Trade Heyward for a couple of bats? They will have to get rid of some money somehow.

  2. Jon Heyman absolutely laid into Bruce Levine on Twitter today about what Heyman actually said about Bryce Harper and the Cubs.

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