Cubs Non-Tender Allen Webster, Justin Hancock, and…Ronald Torreyes?

So much for that post about what Ronald Torreyes offers the Cubs that Tommy La Stella didn’t. Just two days after acquiring Torreyes from the Yankees, the Cubs opted not to tender him a contract for 2019. It’s a curious move on the surface, especially since 3AM was traded away Thursday, ostensibly because Torreyes made him expendable.

But as 670 The Score’s Julie DiCaro reported shortly after news of the non-tender came out, the Cubs are still working to sign Torreyes. So this could just be a way to save a few stacks of high society over the projected $900,000 the versatile infielder was going to earn through arbitration.

The Cubs also opted not to tender contracts to righties Justin Hancock and Allen Webster, who combined for 15.1 innings in the majors last season. Both pitchers could be in play for future contracts to provide more organizational depth, but these decisions are largely about clearing space on the 40-man roster, which now stands at 36.

There were scores of other players non-tendered Friday, many of whom have much more impressive resumes, so expect all kinds of activity in the coming days as teams swim in the inflated free agent pool.


Evan Altman

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  1. I’m so confused. So the Cubs call up the Yanks “Hey, we really like that kid Torreyes – we’ll give you some cash, or maybe a PTBNL, either way – just send him over and we’ll figure out the payment later”. Then the Cubs just non-tender Torreyes so he can walk? How is it a “savings” to non-tender him, when you just ultimately paid (something) to get him?!

    1. The savings would come one of two ways: They either send the Yankees a small amount of cash and/or they’ll save a few hundred thousand by agreeing to a minor league deal with him. What they give the Yankees will be largely contingent on whether/how well he plays, so that return could be negligible.

        1. But then they might not have had the renewed relationship with him and would not have had the potential fallback had they swung a trade for Russell. I don’t think there was ever a question about non-tendering Russell, at least not in the last week or so. Picking up Torreyes was one of those deals that cost them nothing up front and offered a little insurance had something come together.

  2. Theo can’t bear to disrupt the Cubs Holy Twelve position-player group–even though they proved last year they can’t hit. He just can’t bring himself to move any of his pets. So Bote replaces LaStella, but there was no room for Torreyes. I predict the group that is there now will be the group that starts the season, with the possible exception of some journeyman catcher displacing Caratini…..Theo’s devotion to that group is almost obsessive.

  3. It would have been great if the Cubs had gone through these same machinations and exhibited similar thriftiness when they blew $260,000,000 on Montero, Heyward and Chatwood.

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