Bryce Harper’s Latest Tease Centers on His Food Preferences

The hot stove may not be cooking yet, but we’ve got some food-related free-agent news nonetheless. Bryce Harper has previously been spotted in Bulls hats and playing with his dog named Wrigley, but his newest tease comes by way of his gustatory predilections.

Harangued by TMZ on his way through LAX, Harper let slip some clues as to where he and his wife Kayla would like to spend the next several years of his playing career.

“Favorite food? Probably Chicago,” Harper responded when the celebrity stalktographers asked about his preferred regional cuisine. “They got great food. I like this place called Steak 48, it’s really good. Deep dish of course. Anywhere in New York, of course, you know you can always go out there and eat good food. That’s huge for us.”

So there you have it, he’s going to either Chicago or New York. I mean, we recently saw his name and number on an LED ribbon at the United Center and the TMZ report mentioned that Harper complimented their cameraman’s Mets hat. There’s clearly only one way to settle this: Pizza fight!

In all seriousness, the White Sox may be making a legit push to go after Harper or Manny Machado even if their neighbors to the north are unwilling to do so. And in fairness to TMZ, they did note that the Phillies are heavily favored to land Harper, even if cheese steaks were not mentioned in the above conversation.

Wherever he ends up, I just love that Harper is going about this whole process with total awareness as to what he’s doing. Even though the free agency period can be a slog at times, he’s finding a way to have fun with it and not take too seriously what is usually pretty serious business.

Ed. note: I’d be lying if I said part of the motivation for this post came from knowing the responses will be hilarious.

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  1. It always cracks me up when a New Yorker tries to tell me that they have better pizza. I’ve had people all around the country rave about Chicago pizza. Never once has someone mentioned great pizza and New York in the same sentence.

    1. Deep dish is subjective. I’m not a huge fan. I’ll eat it if it’s in front of me but won’t seek it out. Then again, I’m not really big into pizza. It’s bread and cheese, that’s an appetizer not a meal. But I digress, I know this is meant to be tongue in cheek but this is several times he’s hinted on how much he loves Chicago. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. IMO he would love to play here and has been trying to drum up the Cubs to make an offer. That being said, I think the Cubs would be irresponsible if they did.

    2. Let’s be honest; to many outside of Chicago deep dish is considered a sloppy mess. New York pizza is often rated #1 by publications, so it is indeed thought of as better than our pizza by many people. However, I attribute that to the fact that only tourists eat deep dish; most of my friends prefer thin crust and Chicago has some great thin crust pizza. Meanwhile, it’s always been obvious to me that the Cubs weren’t going to be players for Harper. Ricketts won his WS, now.he wants to rake in the cash. Will be a shame when Theo leaves after 2021 with only one title.

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