Anthony Rizzo, Theo Epstein Shoot Down Recent Kris Bryant Trade Rumors

Buster Olney published a report Friday morning indicating that Theo Epstein would take offers for Kris Bryant. Olney’s sensationalized thesis centered on generalized comments that no one is untouchable and the Cubs would be willing to listen to every offer on principle. ESPN’s Jesse Rogers  went on to promote the idea (Twitter links here and here), as did several other media outlets.

Anthony Rizzo took to Twitter to respond to the absurd notion in a fashion befitting his de facto captaincy.

Reached for comment in the wake of Olney’s overblown report, Epstein further clarified his comments from Wednesday at the GM Meetings. As though he really needed to given his statement that “it would be going backward” to part with Bryant, Rizzo, or Javy Baez at this point.

“I answered a general question about whether we have untouchables,” Epstein said. “Like most every organization, we will listen to anything, but that’s just an operating philosophy.

“We are lucky to have some impact players and we are looking to add to them, not subtract.”

So there you have it, folks. There’s no chance Kris Bryant is going anywhere, and the notion that the Cubs would consider dealing him is laughable.

Kris Bryant when asked about reports that he might be traded.


  1. As I mentioned in Evan’s first break of this foolishness – I’m disappointed in Olney for stooping to this. I had previously regarded him as a better, more astute writer than one that just pumps out sensationalism for clicks.

    Now if this was November of 2020, it may be realistic if Bryant hasn’t signed an extension.

  2. Ok. Silly season is alive and well.
    About all Olney’s story proves is that it’s a waste of time reading most of this off-season stuff.
    And that goes for a whole bunch of these other “gossip” sports writers who have to come up with stories to fill space.
    Olney never said it was happening; just it could happen — which, of course, under the right circumstances anything can and dmight occur.
    But the probability is so low that it’s hardly worth mentioning.
    One less reason to read these websites and just stick to the real news when it actually occurs which is seldom.

    1. Just so we’re clear here, does that last comment apply to the site on which you read this post? And as for Buster, he very obviously presented this as much more of a plausible outcome in the near future than is actually the case and he knew darn well what he was doing.

      As for the “‘gossip’ sports writers,” I’ll just have to hope you’re not referring to CI. I wouldn’t think that’s the case since you’re a frequent patron, but I’m not sure where else it could be directed.

  3. As you guessed, I am referring to the original websites where these pieces often appear.
    First, there is nothing wrong with this kind of gossip as it’s essential harmless.

    What is perhaps the real problem is that anyone takes these guys (and the occasional gal) seriously.
    Perhaps some of these writers are laughing at their readers while depositing pay checks into their bank accounts.

    Amazingly, Olney, in his piece on Bryant, went out of his way to indicate that it was nothing serious.
    Yet, even Theo reacted.
    Perhaps a comment from Anthony Rizzo which went something to the effect that don’t these guys have enough at this time of the year to write about football.

    It’s ppart of the modern trend of sensationalism journalism.

    But the public obviously buys into it.
    And these writers (and their publications) get what they want from it: free pr.
    Wonder on how many shows over the last couple of days Olney guested on talking of this piece. Great publicity for him and ESPN perhaps on stations and networks of which they are rivals.

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