Chili Davis Out as Cubs Hitting Coach

After Theo Epstein spoke quite candidly about his disappointment in the Cubs’ offensive performance during his end of the year presser, it comes as little surprise to learn that Chili Davis will not return as the hitting coach in 2019. Though there were some individual success stories, Cubs hitters regressed overall this past season.

We’ll likely get a more elaborate explanation regarding the move from Epstein in the near future, but this seemed like a foregone conclusion to many once the season ended. It’s hard to accurately assess exactly how much a hitting coach is really responsible for, but it was difficult to envision Davis surviving this offseason after the Cubs offensive struggles during the last weekend of the season brought the 2018 campaign to a grinding halt.

The Cubs trailed only the Orioles in games scoring just one or no runs, and they scored just one run in three of the last four games they played, including the NL Central tiebreaker and the NL Wild Card game.

The fate of the rest of the coaches is yet to be determined, but this is the second big offseason shakeup of Joe Maddon’s staff in as many seasons and the Cubs will be employing their third hitting instructor in three years. That puts things more squarely on Maddon’s shoulders, as there’s only so much scapegoating you can do (even if it’s warranted).

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Corey Freedman

Corey is a former MLB front office intern turned professional Cubs fan. After spending several years working for multiple MLB teams, he decided it was time to turn baseball back into a passion rather than a career. In between making content for Cubs Insider and being a professional Instagrammer, you can find him in Section 220, blissfully enjoying the season tickets he and his father spent 10 years on the waiting list for.

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  1. I just can’t help think this is going to lead to Major changes.
    Brendon made a good case, regarding the offensive regression of the offense.
    But I can’t help but think, they were on the right track. Baseball is a game of adjustments, not to mention the dead ball is back. Pitchers are already making changes, leaning 4 seamers and sliders.
    Schwarber is a perfect example, he refused to go outside his zone and got rung up consistently in big situations. A guy who has power to all fields, maybe should watch Rizzo video…..Speaking of, take out Bryant’s injuries and Rizzo’s (Happ and Schwarber regressed, Wilson just wore out, AA, who knows?). Heyward may even be tradable.

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