Cubs Quick Hits: Cubs Hitters Have Highest WAR in NL

No other team in the National League has more hitting fWAR (FanGraphs Wins Above Replacement) than the Chicago Cubs.

Altogether, Cubs position players have racked up 25.0 fWAR so far. Heck, the only other team in all of baseball with more fWAR than the Cubs is the Yankees with (25.8). Way behind them are the Dodgers (22.5 fWAR) and Braves (21.6 fWAR). And if you keep scrolling down far enough, you’ll find the Brewers (18.6 fWAR) and Cardinals (18.4 fWAR).

So what I’m saying is the Cubs have the best position-payer core in the National League despite missing Kris Bryant for a chunk of the season. And with Daniel Murphy now added to the equation, it’s hard to imagine how pitchers can get this team out.

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