Yu Darvish Done for Season, MRI Shows Stress Reaction and Triceps Strain

Given the time left in the season, many had already resigned themselves to not seeing Yu Darvish back on the mound in 2018, but this afternoon brought official confirmation. His latest MRI revealed a stress reaction in his pitching elbow and a triceps strain which will shut him down for at least six weeks, thus forcing him to miss the remainder of the 2018 season.

Though it doesn’t sound significant, a stress reaction is actually a precursor to a fracture, so it’s certainly a good thing he didn’t try to “Chicago tough” it out. And the revelation that there is indeed something wrong will have him on ice until it’s completely cleared up.

There’s no other way to describe this news than disappointing. It’s disappointing from a baseball standpoint as the Cubs could use as much depth at starting pitcher as possible, and obviously had very high hopes for Darvish coming into the season. It’s also disappointing on a personal level, as you never like to see someone work hard to get back on the field only to have injuries continue to derail the process.

The Cubs have weathered the storm without Darvish just fine to this point, as their first place standing would indicate, but now they know for sure he will not be coming back as a reinforcement. Darvish finishes his first season with the Cubs with a final record of 1-3 with a 4.95 ERA in 40 innings pitched across eight starts.


Corey Freedman

Corey is a former MLB front office intern turned professional Cubs fan. After spending several years working for multiple MLB teams, he decided it was time to turn baseball back into a passion rather than a career. In between making content for Cubs Insider and being a professional Instagrammer, you can find him in Section 220, blissfully enjoying the season tickets he and his father spent 10 years on the waiting list for.

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  1. Russell was pulled out of tonights line up as well. Shoulder soreness from what is being reported. I would have thought it was his finger. DL list for a spot for Murphy?

    1. Almost certainly. Not that they really need a “new” injury or anything, but I’m guessing Maddon already had the lineup out and Russell has already said he could play through the finger. While I think the latter is totally BS, it could be that they discovered a new malady after the trade came to fruition.

  2. This is very disappointing. All I can do is shake my head. Also, this leaves Epstein in a position of having to look for more pitching depth. Lester, Hammels and Hendricks (maybe) for the playoffs. Quintana in a non must win scenario but really only Lester and Hammels would I feel comfortable throwing out there. Forget trading for someone as that would most certainly throw the Cubs over the cap. Probably going to be a call up.

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