Cubs Quick Hits: Jason Heyward’s Glorious June Numbers Aren’t Lucky

During his time with the Cubs, Jason Heyward has never looked as good at the dish than right now. Three claps for him. *clap, clap, clap*

Heyward’s overall wOBA going into Friday night in Cincy is .334, and his June wOBA of .370 (72 plate appearances) is even better. Is this real life?

And J-Hey’s success isn’t really a product of luck because his xwOBA (expected wOBA) during June is .380. That comes from an average exit velocity this month of ~90 MPH, which is indicative of an extremely encouraging overall batted-ball profile. Just look at all his barrels (4) and hard-hit contact in the image below.


Brendan Miller

Brendan Miller is part of the Cubs Related Podcast duo with Corey Freedman. Brendan, who has twice as many Twitter followers as Corey, often writes about baseball analytics and scouting for Cubs Insider.