Cubs Quick Hits: Addison Russell Might Be Working Through Adjustments

Addison Russell’s early performance is hurting me. He started off looking like everything was clicking, but the last few weeks have been particularly brutal. Going into Thursday’s series against the Brewers, the shortstop’s wOBA is .263 and his wRC+ is 62. Ugh.

But his plate discipline looks really, really interesting. He’s swinging at roughly 25 percent fewer pitches outside the strike zone and making five percent more contact overall. Better contact and selectivity, though, haven’t translated to results.

Making more contact is a theme to the season now that Chili Davis is heading the Cubs’ batting instruction. Theo Epstein recently praised the team’s “awakening,” and several players (i.e., Javy Baez and Albert Almora Jr.) have really honed in on Chili’s preachings.

As for Russell, it might just be taking a little longer for things to sink in. Nevertheless, he’s seeing more pitches and making more contact. Over time, that refined approach could yield better overall numbers.

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