Wrigley Construction Update: Field Prepped for Grass Now That Heavy Equipment Gone

With just over two weeks before Wrigley Field needs to be ready to host baseball, construction crews are putting the final touches on what has been the most extensive phase of the ambitious 1060 Project. New premium lounge experiences have been added, there are additional concessions for regular fans, and the dugouts have been expanded and shifted.

Notably missing from the featured image is all the heavy equipment that has littered Wrigley’s interior all winter. Also notably missing is grass. Ah, but it looks as though they’re ready to change that. You can clearly see the distinctive pattern of the infield, and they’re also going through the process of leveling the outfield to prep for the addition of sod.

Those who’ve follow this process over since the end of last season will also notice that this is the first time we’ve seen all the seats in place and uncovered. While it’s clear that the dugouts still aren’t completed, almost all of the major details appear to be wrapped up.

It’s starting to feel real, friends.

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