Brewers Reportedly Have Highest Offer for Darvish, Would Take ‘Good Amount’ to Lure Him

I guess the Brewers realized that if they’re going to restrict their ticket sales to Wisconsin residents, they’d better give the fans something to cheer about. According to FanRag’s Robert Murray, Milwaukee is being very aggressive in their pursuit of Yu Darvish.

“The Brewers are really interested [in Darvish],” Murray told Paige Dimakos. “From what I hear, they have the best offer out there for him. And it’s gonna take a good amount for the Brewers to lure him to Milwaukee.”

Okay, so there’s really nothing revelatory here, though it does serve to add just a little more depth to what we already know. Especially if we take “a good amount” to mean not just a the total offer, which is a given, but the gap between Milwaukee’s offer and whatever the Cubs have on the table.

That would fit with what we already know about the Twins and also seems to jibe with Darvish’s reported preferences for the Yankees and Dodgers. What I mean there is that he apparently prefers a coast and/or a massive metropolitan area. While Minneapolis and Milwaukee are both underrated cities, they simply aren’t in the same echelon as LA, New York, and Chicago.

Murray offered nothing in terms of actual numbers on any of the offers out there for Darvish, but we know that the coveted pitcher is said to be weighing multiple five-year and/or nine-figure deals. And even though spring training is fast approaching, we could still be waiting a while to find out where Darvish and his colleagues end up.

“One agent told me it could be until March until these guys sign,” Murray said.

If you’ve got six minutes, you can listen to the whole conversation below. The Darvish talk comes a couple minutes in, following updates on the Giants bullpen.

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