Wrigley Construction Update: Dugouts and Most Lower-Level Seats Gone

When we last checked in on the mammoth undertaking that is the 1060 Project, we saw a gaping hole behind home plate as the American Airlines 1914 Club was finalized. Those seats are now back, but as you can see from the featured image and the tweet below, they’re now nearly the only ones in the lower level still in existence.

The 100 level and both dugouts have vanished as the Wrigley remodel continues. The intent is to make room for other premium clubs while moving the dugouts farther down their respective baselines and also replacing and/or reinforcing all that old concrete. The logistics of this are simply staggering.

It’s really kind of crazy to see Wrigley Field like this, so kudos to the fine folks at Wrigley Aerials for sharing the images.

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