Cubs Open Free Agency by Extending Qualifying Offers to Arrieta, Davis

As expected, the Cubs have extended qualifying offers to both Jake Arrieta and Wade Davis. While the motives for these offers differ (more on the QO process in link), this ensures that the Cubs will receive draft-pick compensation should one or both pitchers depart in free agency.

While it might be too much to call it a foregone conclusion, the idea that Arrieta would head elsewhere at the end of his contract has been a reality for two years. Davis, on the other hand, is a safer bet to stay put, whether on the QO or with a longer deal.

Each player will have 10 days to either accept the offer and play on a one-year contract for $17.4 million or decline it and become a free agent. Again, there’s much more on the specifics of the process in the link above.

None of that is new or surprising, though at least one of us is mildly shocked that the entire list of those players receiving a QO contains only nine names. It’s also interesting that the Cubs could at least kick the tires on three of the eight players — Greg Holland, Lance Lynn, Alex Cobb — who weren’t on their roster in 2017.

Let the real fun of free agency begin.

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