Cubs Flight Delayed in Albuquerque Due to Medical Issue

Much like Thursday night’s game and the season as a whole, nothing has come easy for the Cubs. That included their flight from DC to LA, which was diverted to Albuquerque due to a medical issue with a family member. Whether it was someone related to a player or staff member isn’t certain, but we do know that the issue was not life-threatening.

MLB Network’s Jon Morosi also reported that the plane’s original pilot had maxed out his allotted hours upon landing in New Mexico, which meant having to wrangle up a new one. All told, the delay lasted about five hours and nearly doubled the team’s travel time.

The health and safety of everyone aboard is obviously the primary concern, but that can’t have been a fun layover for a bunch of folks battling the effects of Thursday night’s celebrations. Which, speaking of, do you think any of them pushed for Wade Boggs’ record? My money would be on John Lackey.

As of post time, the plane was scheduled to land in LA at 11 am PT, which gives the Cubs plenty of time to overcome their hangovers and get settled in prior to Saturday’s game.

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