Watch: Kyle Hendricks Pickoff Montage (Updated)

During the offseason, I put together a quick montage highlighting Kyle Hendricks pickoff move. When Hendricks nabbed Ozzie Albies the other day, Len Kasper mentioned that it was Kyle’s fifth successful pickoff attempt in 2017. Upon hearing that, I figured it was time to update said montage. Here’s Professor Hendricks with today’s lesson in Pickoffs 101.


Corey Freedman

Corey is a former MLB front office intern turned professional Cubs fan. After spending several years working for multiple MLB teams, he decided it was time to turn baseball back into a passion rather than a career. In between making content for Cubs Insider and being a professional Instagrammer, you can find him in Section 220, blissfully enjoying the season tickets he and his father spent 10 years on the waiting list for.

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