Cubs Injury Update: Javy Baez Exits After Collision on Headfirst Slide


Javy Baez is not in th concussion protocol, but was experiencing some blurred vision filling his run-in with Ozzie Albies’ knee. He is expected to remain in Chicago tonight and will fly out Monday morning to join the team in Pittsburgh. My apologies for even implying that P.J. Mainville and the training staff may have overlooked any issues.

Oh boy, this isn’t good. Javy Baez has drawn raves for the go-for-broke, balls-to-the-wall playing style that was on full display as he slid headfirst into second (video in link) trying to steal after a pickoff attempt. His considerable momentum carried him straight into the knee of second baseman Ozzie Albies, after which he remained prone in the dirt for a while.

Though he shook his head several times as though clearing out the cobwebs, Javy was allowed to remain in the game after being checked by a trainer. When he came back out for the top of the 3rd inning, however, he appeared to be having some issues with his vision and/or equilibrium and was lifted from the game.

Given all the focus on head injuries in sports, I’m amazed Baez was allowed to stay out there at all. I get that he’s a huge part of the team and everything, but you can’t just take a guy at his word that he’s fine after seeing him take a full-speed faceplant into someone’s knee. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions without knowing exactly what went on with any concussion protocol, but my first inclination is be very disappointed with the Cubs’ training staff on this one.

There’s also the matter of hating the headfirst slide, though I understand that’s pretty habitual and instinctual and not something you can just tell a guy to stop doing. I mean, it does give a runner the ability to better maneuver around the tag, which Javy did on this particular play. Except that he was called out on the field and then on replay, which is just a travesty and a sham and a mockery.

It’s a traveshamockery!

Seriously, though, the replay we had from the CSN Chicago cameras clearly showed that Javy had both hands in ahead of Albies’ tag and that he was safe. How in H-E-double-hockey-sticks could anyone look at that and determine that he was out. The replay officials in New York need overwhelming evidence to overturn a call on the field, which they had in this case. Ugh, insult on top of injury.

The best-case scenario here is that we’re not looking anything serious and that Javy’s able to get back in there. If it really is a concussion, we’re looking at a week on the DL and further questions from me about why he was still in the game after having his bell rung.

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