Cubs Injury Update: Russell Out Three More Weeks as MRI Shows Reaggravated Foot

It looks like Javy Baez is going to remain the everyday shortstop for a little while longer. An MRI on Addison Russell’s foot revealed a reaggravation of the plantar fasciitis that has kept him out for the last four weeks. That means another three weeks or so before he’s eligible return, which will put him near the end of the season.

Baez has been more than just a replacement player, making Russell’s absence far more palatable. But even El Mago needs a break, so the Cubs are calling up defensive specialist Mike Freeman to play a backup role in September. The 30-year old Freeman has had limited MLB experience and was picked up after the Dodgers DFA’d him to make room on the roster for Yu Darvish.

That move by the Cubs may prove fortuitous with this news about Russell, as the only other options on the 25-man roster were Ben Zobrist and maybe Kris Bryant. Kinda crazy how this team went from too many shortstops to not enough, huh?

It’s not fun, but bears mentioning that it’s going to be difficult for Russell to get back into game rhythm in time for the postseason (which still isn’t assured, I guess). Of course, I seem to remember hearing a legend about a guy who missed the entire season and then came back to rake in the World Series. You know how stuff like that get’s exaggerated over time, though.

On the bright side, the Cubs could do a whole lot worse than having to run Javy out there every day.

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