Watch: Humble Happ Heads to First Home Game, Hammers Homer

What the H? Ian Happ looks the part off the stoic hardass, but that’s really just a function of him being a no-nonsense kind of guy. I suppose this is where I could talk about his blue-collar, lunchpail style being embraced by the meaty arms of the City of Big Shoulders.

Then I’d also have to juxtapose that with the heavily gentrified neighborhoods surrounding Wrigley. And then there’s the inevitable reference to the cost of tickets and how that’s further distances the Everyman. But I’ll save those threadbare tropes for a more reputable print media outlet.

What I will do is share with you this cool mini-bio the Cubs put out earlier. It follows Happ as he makes his way to Wrigley for his home debut, a game he’s not soon to forget.

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