Daily Cubs Clip Fix (2/21/17): Eloy Jimenez Power Display, Jake Arrieta in Focus, Happ, Contreras & More

If you’ve never seen him in person, Eloy Jimenez is one big dude. Watching him hit batting practice is the baseball version of watching Metallica shred with the San Francisco Symphony. Smooth, sweet strokes with powerful crescendos. I know the Cubs are loaded with big league talent and it’s hard to envision Jimenez joining the big league team…this year. Just watch the clip (featured below) of him pounding the ball and try not to drool too much.

The crowds were back again today at Sloan and it looks like that’s going to be the norm for the rest of Spring Training. It definitely makes it a little more difficult to wade through all the people just to get a glimpse of your favorite player but it’s not a bad price to pay for winning what I’m hoping to be the first of several World Series titles. And yes, that was me being optimistic, greedy, and honest.

To start the day off, Cubs strength coach Tim Buss made a grand entrance once again (click here to see yesterday’s pimp-daddy entrance), this time pulling up in a white Ferrari. Joe Maddon’s emphasis this year is on staying humble, hence the sarcastic tone around all the bling from Buss. After he led the team in a quick pre-workout stretch, the players fanned out on the practice fields to get in some work to ready themselves for when Cactus League play kicks off this Saturday.

You’ll want to scroll past the photo gallery, to see that tasty Eloy Jimenez BP session, along with some BP from Ian Happ and Willson Contreras. Jake Arrieta looked pretty focused today as he threw live BP, along with Pedro Strop and Rob Zastryzny. Enjoy!

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