Cubs Quick Hits: Kris Bryant’s Flatter Swing Resulted in Fewer High Flies

With an eye on improving his contact, Kris Bryant made a concerted effort to flatten his swing last year. A less loopy swing, in theory, should translate to fewer high flies and more hard-hit line drives. That’s exactly what happened.

In 2015, 27% of Bryant’s batted balls were launched at angles greater than 36 degrees. But last season, only 16% of the balls he put in play had such steep launch angles. Check out the donut graphs — mmmm, donuts — for more comprehensive data on Bryant’s batted-ball trajectories over the past two years (warning: colors of donuts do not correspond with one another).

If you like this kind of thing, it’s just one of the cool tools you can find at the new

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  1. Interesting that the most non productive launch angles 36 didn’t change much when you combine them. The 27% pop ups (>36) and 19% grounders (<-10) in 2015adds up to 46%, then in 2016 he had 16% and 29% = 45% But in trading off more grounders and less pop ups, he did in crease the more optimal angle of 21-36 by 2% and 5-21 by 4%. It will be real interesting to compare his third year.

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