Chicago Cubs are America’s Team and Their Fans are Officially Ranked Number One

The Chicago Cubs are beloved far and wide, that’s no secret of course. I mean, just think about it, do you know anyone that wasn’t happy to see the Cubs win the World Series? Anyone? Ok, maybe there are some bent White Sox’ fans but most of those guys and gals that I’ve talked to were happy to see the Cubs win. And Cleveland Indians’ fans, generally, weren’t all that upset to lose to the Cubs. I talked to a lot of them during the World Series and every single one told me that if they did lose, losing to the Cubs wouldn’t be the worst thing (kind of a weird conversation because my response was always a blank stare).

So yeah, people love the Cubs. In fact, in their Fandom 250 final rankings – “the ultimate ranking of fandoms — from sports to entertainment, celebrities to brands” – the fine folks over at Fansided just named Cubs’ fans the top of the top.

I, as well as you all, can confirm the awesomeness of our fellow Cubs fans. We fill Wrigley Field win or lose. To be fair, Wrigley Field is the most stunningly beautiful place to spend a day, much less watch a baseball game. I’ve taken the Wrigley tour and being there when there’s no game is pretty freakin’ awesome too. Not many parks can claim that.

thumb_IMG_0255_1024Of course, when you add baseball to the best park in the World, particularly a team with a storied history as amazing as the Cubs, with their beautiful blue and white stripped uniforms contrasted perfectly against the robust, popping green of the ivy, the grass, the park, it’s just incredible. I’m gushing just thinking about it.

There really is not one single thing about the Cubs that isn’t the best. And it’s always been that way, with one exception. The one thing we lacked, the one thing we all dreamt about, was winning it all. The World Series Championship. And now, we have that too. This is exactly how I would’ve imagined a dream about winning it all would be. Of course, I never could’ve imagined any of this but it really all does feel like a dream come true.

And that’s the cool thing about Cubs fans, we love to dream. We are proof that dreams come true if you face adversity down and refuse to yield, even after everyone else has given up. We are loveable. It’s just now, we’re the lovable winners. And that’s pretty sweet, isn’t it?

So cheers, fellow Cubs fans. You’re THE BEST!!!

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