Watch: Cards Left Fielder Plays Game the Wong Way

Sometimes, through no fault of your own, life deals you a bad hand. You’re just in the wong place at the wong time. That was the case for the Cardinals’ second baseman-cum-outfielder Friday afternoon at Wrigley. Whether it was a seam in the recently resodded surface or just a misstep from a guy who’s only made four starts in left field this season, Kolten Wong’s 1st inning faceplant offered some early comic relief.

The play was pretty inconsequential in terms of the four-run outburst in the opening frame, but it’ll still be memorable for being straight-up funny. I don’t care how it happens, I love seeing the Cubs get over on the Cardinals in the NL Central turf war. And if loving blue is right, I don’t wanna be Wong.

Oh, Kolten, please replace all divots.

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