Follow me to Wrigley (Post #3): Sooooo Close to the Cubs I Can Feel it!

Oh my, the adventure has been great for certain. When last I left you I was 35,000 feet in the air settling in to my flight from Arizona to Chicago. I managed to post the Series Preview and tonight’s lineup from the plane. Man, do I love technology. It’s not enough that we can fly through the sky from Arizona to Chicago in three hours, no, we can also communicate, surf the internet and I can update my website too. Amazing.

I guess today is just a day full of amazing, appropriate really. First, it was the coyote rabbit kill I witnessed this morning, next it was the flight to Chicago, and finally, and most amazingly, will be tonight’s game at Wrigley Field.

To get from the airport I took the Blue Line train to the Addison station. At the Addison station I transferred to the 152 bus heading east on Addison. We ran into some traffic right before Western so I hopped off and walked to my buddies place, which is where I’ll be staying tonight.

I’m stopping briefly to write this post and in about 15 minutes will hop in an uber, my last mode of transportation before reaching Wrigley Field. I cannot explain how excited I am. But, I guess that’s what I do, right?!!

As Cubs fans, we are a patient bunch. A group of fun-loving people with a love for baseball, a passion for tradition and a longing to win. We usually get two-out-of-three and, as the song goes, that ain’t bad. But tonight, tomorrow or some time within the next couple days, we are going to get all three. Heck, we’ve had all three all season, really. Now, we just get validation. A stamp on the Chicago Cubs’ baseball history that says ‘2016 National League Central Champions.’

That’s a stamp we’ve waited 8 years for. So now, I’m going to head out and catch my Uber to Wrigley. I’ll post the rest of the trip on the Cubs Kingdom twitter page, so be sure to give us a follow.

Oh, and one last, very important thing….Go Cubs!!!

On approach to O’Hare International. My excitement is building!
We arrived early only to be told our gate wasn’t ready…DOH!
Selfie while waiting to deplane
Strolling through the airport
Following the signs to the train and my third mode of transportation for the day
The Blue Line train
It’s a beautiful day for some baseball!! Getting closer.
My view on the 152 bus heading down Addison

























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