Watch: Myrtle Beach Pelicans Celebrate Second Consecutive Playoff Berth with Beer Shower (Updated)

With a 2-1 extra-innings win over the Carolina Mudcats Wednesday night, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans locked up their second consecutive playoff berth as a Cubs affiliate and sixth straight overall (four with Rangers). It can get pretty hot and muggy down by the beach, so you can imagine how the guys might have been in need of a shower after the long game. I guess the water at the ballpark wasn’t working, though, because the Pelicans players had to use beer.

I love this stuff. My favorite part of this clip is seeing catcher Tyler Pearson hanging back from the fray and straight shotgunning an America Light. Don’t worry, folks, he’s of legal age.

Myrtle Beach is a class organization from the top down and they’ve done a great job of facilitating the Cubs’ needs and wants when it comes to helping prospects to grow and move though the system. Given the success of the team in two years as a part of the Cubs organization, not to mention the way Pelicans management has embraced the affiliation, I have to believe the Player Development Contract with Myrtle Beach will be renewed/extended.

If I had to bet, I’d say we hear more about a continuation of the relationship before the end of the season. Regardless, it’s been another good year for the Pelicans, who will be looking to defend their Mills Cup title when the playoffs bow September 8.


As expected, the Cubs and Pelican announced Monday evening that they’ve agreed to a four-year extension of their PDC that ensures the partnership will run through the 2020 season.

“We’re thrilled to extend our affiliation with the Cubs for four more years and continue our partnership with one of the most beloved and historic franchises in all of sports,” Pelicans’ owner Chuck Greenberg announced. “We’re grateful that the Cubs have welcomed the Pelicans and the city of Myrtle Beach into their family and the player development staff, coaches and players that we’ve worked with on a daily basis the past two seasons have gone above and beyond to embrace our community and our great fans.”

“Our partnership with the Chicago Cubs has been incredible in every respect,” said Pelicans’ President/GM Andy Milovich. “Their commitment to player development on and off the field is unparalleled. It’s an incredible organization and an exciting time to be a member of the Cubs family.

“The community has truly embraced the Cubs affiliation,” Milovich continued. “The volume of fans in Cubs gear at TicketReturn.Com Field has been overwhelming. The Chicago Cubs and Myrtle Beach are an incredible combination and it’s humbling to play a role in such a great partnership in an amazing community like Myrtle Beach.”

Speaking as a Cubs fan, I’m very pleased with this move because Myrtle Beach has proven in just two seasons that they are a real asset to the organization as a whole. But my approval of this move as a fan pales in comparison to what I feel as a friend of Milovich and others in the front office. Greenberg, Mike Snow, Ryan Moore, Jen Borowski, Kristen Call, and so many others on the Pelicans staff are doing an amazing job down there.

It’s not too late to head to the beach for some games, particularly with the playoffs around the corner. But if you can’t get there this season, make sure to find some time to check the Pelicans out in 2017.

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