Chicago Cubs Lineup: Cubs Seek to Awaken the Giant Within, La Stella at 3rd Base

The Cubs remind me of a sleeping giant, sure everything is fine and dandy until someone pokes the giant one too many times and it awakens in a rage. There will come a point when the Cubs players will awaken and I’m assuming a rage of runs will result.

The Cubs are 6-4 in their last ten games and that includes losing back-to-back games for the first and second times so far this year. They’ve scored three runs in their last two games. The giant is getting restless.

John Lackey will be playing the Cyclops tonight, throwing balls at Brewers’ hitters with complete and utter reckless abandon. Tommy La Stella will batten down the hatches at third base, while Kris Bryant keeps watch from left field. And yes, I just did a whole monster/villain thing to bring you the lineup!

Here’s your Cubs lineup:

John Lackey (R)
@ Brewers – Jimmy Nelson (R)
1. Dexter Fowler (S) CF
2. Jason Heyward (L) RF
3. Kris Bryant (R) LF
4. Anthony Rizzo (L) 1B
5. Ben Zobrist (S) 2B
6. Tommy La Stella (L) 3B
7. Addison Russell (R) SS
8. David Ross (R) C
9. John Lackey (R) P

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