Cubs Clips: More Highlights From Cubs Home Opener, Including Schwarber Tribute

Last night was so much fun and we actually get a chance to bask in it a little longer than normal with the day off today. I found some more video that I wanted to share with everyone. Let’s enjoy this one a little longer, shall we?

Kyle Schwarber gets a warm welcome back to Wrigley field as he watches a video tribute from the Cubs as the players are announced before the game:

Here’s the statcast replay of Addison Russell’s home run. The ball took a thirty degree launch angle with a 101.5 MPH exit velocity and traveled 388 glorious feet:

Joe Maddon talks about the big win. He mentions the word ‘relentless’ which is a great way to describe the Cubs offense and how they make it so difficult for opposing pitchers to face them. Every inning there is no weakness and opposing pitchers don’t ever get an easy out, with exception for when the Cubs send a pitcher up, and then Jake Arrieta will take you deep too:

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