Cubs Camp Gets Unbearably Adorable with Visit From Actual Cubs (Videos)

Hippies, mimes, coaches taped to office chairs, the Cubs have seen it all this spring in Mesa. But I don’t think anything could have prepared us for what Joe Maddon had in store for his team Friday morning. That’s because the eccentric skipper conspired with the folks at Bearizona Wildlife Park to set up a play date with a pair of 12-week-old black bear cubs.

I cannot adequately express how adorable these two future 700-pound killing machines — they weigh about 8 lbs now — were as they bumbled around in the grass and took turns being held by the players. I’m sure some of my readers will be upset with the fact that I devoted precious column inches to such trifles, but this is just too insanely cute to overlook.

And here’s Jason Heyward with a different angle on the romp.

And another from Jesse Rogers.

I’m sorry, folks, but I can’t even. I mean, I just can’t. Totes adorbs.

According to Rogers, one of the unnamed ursa minors — Maddon was asked provide monikers for them during the visit — actually peed on Rizzo just before that picture you see above was taken. Had they known the tiny cub needed to relieve itself, they should have had Jake Arrieta holding it. You know, for the blister.

Speaking of thumb issues, one of the other myriad videos appears to show Rizzo wincing as one of the cubs nibbles his. Take that, Leo DiCaprio.

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