Joe Maddon Rolls Into Camp in a Sweet New Ride

Just when you thought Joe Maddon’s awesomeness couldn’t get any awesomer.

Some of my favorite shows involved vans: Scooby Doo, Where Are You, The A-Team, and now Cubs Spring Training. No stranger to rolling in style — his other ride is an RV named Cousin Eddie — Maddon showed up to Sloan Park on Monday in a 70’s-style van that came equipped with its own clown, pimp, hippy, and cowboy.

Normally, you get 20 grams of peyote and a coupon for a free weekend at Big Herb’s Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest Resort when you buy a van like this. And, who knows, maybe Maddon actually did and he’s just saving the former for the team’s first cross-country flight.

This guy is my spirit animal.

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