Kris Bryant Didn’t Light the World on Fire in the Derby, but His Apparel Sure Did

All-Star games aren’t just exhibitions for players, they’re a great showcase for apparel companies to hawk gear that would never get play in sanctioned games. I think we’re all used to Nike pimping the heck out of their various creations on big stages, and the Home Run Derby was no exception.

Both Anthony Rizzo and Josh Donaldson were sporting some insanely bright kicks and batting gloves to match:

But as with their Wrigleyville billboard earlier this season, it was Adidas that really stole the show with their #Uncaged gear (whether the hashtag is the actual name of the line isn’t clear, not that it really matters).

Yes, those are demon bears on shoes, gloves, and even the socks. The evil ursidae on Bryant’s cleats have red eyes, while those on the batting gloves stare with yellow peepers that put Scut Farkus to shame. It’s quite a striking image, as you can see even better in the pic below.

I don’t think this stuff is all that worthwhile for a guy with an ever-inflating spare tire and warning-track softball power, but I’m thinking the kids are going to love them. The Home Run Derby has always been a bit of a fashion trend setting for young baseball fans, after all. I remember seeing Junior Griffey rocking a backwards cap and thinking that was the coolest thing around.

To this day, I wear my bill to the back unless I’m driving (hurts my neck and back to lean forward) or in other rare circumstances, much to the chagrin of get-off-my-lawn types everywhere. Say what you will about the frivolity of the Derby, Bryant’s gear, or my takes on either, but I have a soft spot for stuff like this.

Now let’s just hope the apparel is prescient and Bryant himself is uncaged in the second half.


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